Managing Rawcliffe Meadows – What it is and why it is managed the way it is

The document below was originally produced as the text of a public talk by our ecologist Martin Hammond that we initiated to advise residents near to Rawcliffe Meadows about the discrete management changes that we being brought about as we entered our third decade of Countryside Stewardship in 2012. The talk was actually in late 2011 at Clifton Parish Church.

It provides a general summary of the history of and reasons for managing the site. The one thing it doesn’t mention is its Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) notification which was only a dream then, but we had always realised the site had value, once we had controlled the creeping thistle, dock and other nuisance plants, and planted the many hundreds of trees.

Managing Rawcliffe Meadows (0.7MB PDF)


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