Report on the Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 19th March 2017

Dealing with the hedge between the Cornfield and the Country Park has becoming something of annual pilgrimage, especially after we have had to fill in the gap created by the installation  of the new sewer. Fortunately Yorkshire Water generously paid for the plants in 2015 and we have used this to provide the infill plants in 2016 and 2017. We have also had to weed in-between plants in the hedge each year to ensure that they don’t get over-powered by the grasses and weeds.

In the past we have added quite a lot of gorse which has finally started to establish, so this year we added some larger holly, along with more hazel and hawthorn. The entire length of the hedge has become popular with  overwintering birds and has the potential to provide food and shelter for large flocks. the next step might be to consider cutting back some of the plants in the hedge before they become trees, along with cutting back some of the ash and blackthorn spreading into the field.

In addition, we planted some hazel and hawthorn in the bottom north-eastern corner at the boundary with the Copse to hopefully discourage anybody taking a short cut over the wire fence, as the hawthorn on the other side has struggled.

In addition we also took some red deadnettle and other early flowering plants over to the bee bank to provide any bees or wasps with a food source near to the bank.

Thanks again to Pete, Julie and Mark, and Mark T for their assistance, and also Leilah of Dragon Willow for the chocolate!

The next work party is on Sunday 9th April from 10:30 and was down for clearing flood debris, however given that the winter has been kind to us this will change and will probably become one of tansy planting and managing the New Meadow.


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