Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party Report 30 August 2015

Perhaps bad forward planning to hold a work party on a Bank Holiday weekend so there were only three of us to clear two ponds in the Reservoir Basin. The  Freshwater Habitats Trust survey had identified a couple as of poorer quality and the plan was to dig out the silt from both avoiding the tubular water-dropwort near one of them.

As it was Judi, Masha and Mick managed to clear the shallower pond (number 5) and get it down to clay and walk around to puddle the base.

The deeper pond (number 4) will have to wait until October when hopefully it will be drier ands the group larger.

Pond 5 completed

Pond 5 completed

pond clearing 30 Aug 2015

pond clearing 30 Aug 2015


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