Report on the Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party 6th November 2016

On a grim morning of alternating heavy showers, light showers and dry spells the team gathered at the northern end of the site where at the start of the year a crack willow had and partially blocked the existing desire line to Rawcliffe Ings. A large sycamore had also dropped a large branch a few metres south near the New Meadow.

The eight of us (Judi, Pete, Jason, Masha, Mark, Andra, Mick and new volunteer Lianne) made quick work, despite the weather, of cutting it up and moving to the bramble patch whist leaving the larger logs at its foot.


Given we had such a successful day we headed to check on the bee bank. This had been repaired and developed on the previous Thursday and appeared to be surviving the damp weather well.

The comng events are below:

Month Sun Thurs Task
December 2016 4 Water vole scrape – pull out as much reedmace as possible from the extended pond so that it does not out-compete the Phragmites
January 2017 8 Cut back blackthorn in Reservoir Basin to create more space and light for expansion of orchids
In addition Cut and remove New Meadow
  Cut and remove Pond
  Complete bee bank
  Erect remaining Barn Owl box
  Erect Tree Sparrow boxes in RB

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