York Press Publishes Story About Dog Mess on Rawcliffe Meadows

A few inaccuracies but never mind. We are continually upset about the amount of dog mess, in bags of otherwise, left on Rawcliffe Meadows, Clifton Ings, Clifton Backies and other areas around York.

It smells, its dangerous to the health of other dogs, grazing stock, wildlife and human beings and it is very unpleasant if one take it off on ones boots or wheels.

Please take your dog mess off site in a bag and put it in a bin!”

Wildlife group’s anger at dog mess left on nature reserve


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4 Responses to York Press Publishes Story About Dog Mess on Rawcliffe Meadows

  1. Christina says:

    Why not work with dog walkers instead of sending them such a cross & negative message? They are probably the most frequent visitors to Rawcliffe Meadows and many (me included) are also wildlife lovers who really appreciate having such a beautiful space to dog walk.

    The problems you describe are not helped by there being no dog poo bin at the far side of the field. Why does being a nature reserve mean there can’t be one? Can’t there be a green one (do they always have to be red?) with pics of trees or whatever on it? And an info board (positively worded) for dog walkers with ways they can help. Dog walkers would appreciate it.

    While I’m here, a problem dog walkers currently have is that the gate at the wildlife pond doesn’t close properly. It is much easier to keep your dog out if it can be kept shut.

    I’m not suggesting that you guys do all this in addition to your conservation work but get some dog walkers on board to help. Feel free to contact me.

    • Thanks for the comments.

      In the 25 years we have managed the site we have tried to work with all the users. Unfortunately our volunteers have been verbally abused and physically assaulted by a small minority of dog walkers. As the article and other postings explain RM is not a park owned by the Council, there are no paid staff to go around picking up litter or emptying (or providing) bins. The Council no longer provides community bins as once they did for several hundred pounds per year (cost of emptying).

      There have been three or more sets of board in the 25 years – they succumb to vandalism and flooding eventually – a new pair (funded by Yorkshire Water) are on order.

      The gate at the Pond also succumbs to flood water. A grant was being provided by Natural England to re-fence (and gate) the entire Pond and extend it. We have been waiting six months for the Environment Agency to give permission…

      The limited funding we have is meant to be for conservation work. The very few volunteers we have are there top do conservation work. However we do an awful lot of clearing up after others that detracts from the time available to do conservation.

      This business with dog mess applies not only to Rawcliffe Meadows but most green sites around York – I personally am involved in a number.

      If I am cross it is because we (and others, including our grazier) are annoyed at a worsening problem that is unhealthy and dirty.

      • Christina says:

        Thanks for explaining further. This is clearly a big problem and IMO will not go away unless something is done. The lack of dog poo bins is a big part of it but I understand what you say re council, funding and emptying. Not at all sure what the solution is, but I’m glad I know more about it.

    • The straightforward solution would be for dog-walkers to take bags with them, employ them and carry them to the nearest bin. SIMPLES! Similarly with people taking water bottles, sandwiches, crisps, beer, wine or spirits – bag it up and bin it. Don’t pass on your problem to someone else.

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