Friends of Rawcliffe Meadows Work Party Sunday 27th September from 10:30

We are having to juggle the site priorities and work around things a bit so a few changes to the list of activities below.

In August we only got one pond cleared of the two we were trying to get done and so the bigger one is postponed until October in the hope that it will have dried out a little to make it easier to clear, and that we might have more volunteers.

Sunday 27th September we’ll be on the Funnel from 10:30 (above the main Pond at south of the site – see the map) – Following the new fence being put up around the Pond we have a lot of brash and hay plus some logs to clear within and outside the fence. If anyone has a wood burning stove there should also be some firewood but may need a saw.

Month Sat Sun Tues Thur Task
Sept 2015 27 Clear brash arsing from fencing Pond from funnel and inside Pond enclosure. Firewood available.
Oct 2015 1 Probus talk 9:45 (Mick)
  YWT volunteer day?
  25 Clear pond 4 in Reservoir Basin.  Plant Ragged Robin and  Devilsbit Scabious  in Reservoir Basin and tansy in New Meadow as a less muddy option.
Nov 2015 8 Clear Ings Dyke bank side (over stile) by the Friends
Dec 2015 6 Plant hazel saplings in Cricket Field Copse
Jan 2016 3 Silver anniversary work party
PLUS Cut back blackthorn in RB near orchids
  Weed Country Park hedge and plant 10 more gorse
  Cut and remove MMB enclosure
  Cut & remove New Meadow
  Cut & remove Cornfield grassland
  Tree sparrow boxes in Copse Meadow and/or Reservoir Basin
  Coppicing/pollarding trees east Pond and New Meadow
  Barn Owl boxes?
  Fence MMB scrape up to adjoining
  Dig scrape next to MMB one



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